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  It was war.  Ugly.  Bloody.  And there was plenty of collateral damage.  Angela F. Braley, Chair, President, and CEO of Anthem/WellPoint, dug in her heels.  She was, after all, the leader of the largest health insurance company in the … Continue reading

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More Free Stuff

“Unintended pregnancies carry health consequences for the mother – psychological, emotional and physical – and also consequences for the newborn”, said Dr. Linda Rosenstock, panel chairwoman and dean of public health at the University of California, Los Angeles. “The overwhelming … Continue reading

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me Me ME

I couldn’t write. I was too agitated to write. Now for someone like me who seems to write principally to vent, agitation is a useful state. Sometimes it is the starting point. But I have been handcuffed for over a … Continue reading

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