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No? Did You Say No? Thank You!

 NO! February 11th.  The young family applied for health insurance on the government’s exchange on February 11, 2014.  It was a frustrating experience that resulted in the young husband and his child being invited to apply for health insurance.  They … Continue reading

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Stuck Between The Stairwell And The Men’s Room

Room 113.  The name plate on the massive wooden door identified this room, located down a hallway in the Statehouse, stuck between a stairwell and the men’s room, as the William Henry Harrison Room.  Our ninth President, who served a … Continue reading

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Climb Into The Ring

Bloody.  Broken.  I was flat on the mat.  I had thought that I could go the distance.  But now?  Now I wasn’t so sure.  I pulled myself up and tried to clear my head.  The referee administered a standing 8 … Continue reading

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