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Beep Beep

The Chase.  The endless effort to reach that which is just beyond our grasp has piqued our imagination since we, as small children, watched the Coyote try to capture the Roadrunner.  We knew, instinctively, that the Coyote would never succeed.  … Continue reading

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Muhammad Ali

The late George Carlin had a great bit about the Champ, Muhammad Ali, who was prosecuted by the federal government for refusing to participate in the draft and take a free trip to Vietnam.    As Carlin pointed out, Muhammad Ali’s … Continue reading

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Corporations Are People (When It’s Convenient)

You are cordially invited to a very special Bar Mitzvah as Bogart, Cunix & Browning LLC becomes a man.  Please join us at Temple Azrikim Hamochdim (Temple Citizens United) on Saturday, January 7, 2023.  Services begin at 10 AM.  The … Continue reading

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