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The Worst Thing You Can Do

    We interrupt the ongoing saga of R.S., the client who magically received the retroactive insurance policy, to bring you an important warning. It appears that I have found the one thing you can do as a consumer that … Continue reading

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Stuck In The Middle With Dave

Insurance company greed on one side – government indifference and incompetence on the other.  My client?  He’s stuck in the middle with me.  You were introduced to R.S. in last week’s post.  Quick summary – R.S. purchased a health insurance … Continue reading

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Money For Nothing

February 27th.  The client and I, after several failed attempts, finally got all of the way through on February 27th.  We chose a policy for him and his son and hit the final button.  The Congratulations screen was anticlimactic.  … Continue reading

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