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Standing in line. I have been standing in line for over twenty minutes at the Beachwood Post Office, waiting for my turn, hoping to learn the fate of my missing mail. It is Monday, December 28th and there are only … Continue reading

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Imagine My Disappointment

My one and only trip to Washington DC was about twenty years ago. This is odd for someone as politically active as me. I was attending a B’nai B’rith national policy conference. What a trip! I had the opportunity to … Continue reading

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Built By Committee – Designed to Fail

Senator Harry Reid is fighting a deadline. The President may have wanted a bill before Labor Day, but they want ice water in Hell, too. Reid, the pragmatist, knows the real target, December 31st. The last thing he wants is … Continue reading

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Laying In The Gutter? It’s My Fault!

“It’s the insurance company’s fault that there are drug addicts walking the street.” I did not know that. I needed the twenty year old junkie to explain this to me. After alienating her parents and step-parents, dropping off their coverage … Continue reading

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