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The Defense Rests

It is exhausting.  This choice.  This job.  This desire to craft a non-ideological, pragmatic path is taking all of my energy.  Confronted daily by people who either cannot, or will not, see the full picture that is the Patient Protection … Continue reading

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Where Do They Bury The Survivors?

A plane crashes on the Mexican – United States border.  On board were U.S. citizens, Mexicans, Brazilians, and three passengers from Argentina.  Where so they bury the survivors? It is a classic misdirect.  A mental sleight of hand.  You know … Continue reading

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  Frank (name changed) is a successful attorney in his early 40’s.  He lives in Greater Cleveland.  On Friday he completed his health insurance application, hit the submit button, and watched the website crash.  This message, in bold red and … Continue reading

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