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Are you feeling left out?  Do you long for the warm afterglow only experienced by the properly insured?  Are you ready to come in from the cold?  If you answered YES then you may be in luck.  The federal government has created a Special Enrollment (SEP) just for you.

This new SEP ends April 30, 2015.   This will be the last chance for many individuals and families to purchase health insurance coverage for 2015.  To qualify you must:

  • Currently be uninsured for 2015
  • Filed your 2014 tax return and paid the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) penalty for being uninsured in 2014
  • State that you first became aware of the tax penalty while completing your 2014 tax return

Policies may be purchased on and off the Exchange.

Many of my clients have done the math and have opted out of the PPACA.  They are purchasing less expensive short term major medical policies and will pay the tax penalty if assessed.  Others will jump at this opportunity to finally purchase compliant coverage.

There won’t be another chance.

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