The elections are over and most of the results are in. Most, but not all.  A few races won’t be decided for several weeks.  For good or ill, none of Ohio’s contests were that close.  The winners can now begin to deliver on their promises.

The television ads for our new governor, Mike DeWine, were clear. Mr. DeWine may have had a checkered past in his defense of protecting affordable access to health care for Ohioans with preexisting conditions, but he is now prepared to champion their cause.  We have his daughter’s word on it.  It is time for all of us, in and out of the insurance industry, to ask “HOW?”

President Trump and his administration continue to work against one of the cornerstones of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), coverage for Americans with preexisting conditions.  The ongoing Texas lawsuit, supported by the president, is still a threat.  Other actions taken last year, the defunding of the Cost Sharing Reduction and the elimination of the penalty associated with the Individual Mandate, continue to disrupt the health insurance market.  And now, Mr. Trump has taken the next step to destroy your access to health insurance with new rules to allow the sale of stripped down policies.

We are looking at new rules that will make it easier to purchase short term major medical policies.  These policies, which really do have a place in the market, are issued for a specific period of time, usually no longer than 6 – 12 months in duration.  These policies are usually limited in nature, designed to exclude coverage for preexisting conditions, maternity, and mental health.  If you push the young and, more importantly, the healthy to short term policies, then you are left with a health insurance system focused strictly on the sick and the responsible.

As an Ohioan, as an insurance agent, I wish Mr. DeWine luck. But it is time, Mr. DeWine, to tell us your plan.  Protection for preexisting conditions?  How?


Picture – David L Cunix – At Least The Parking Is Free

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