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Here is a question: Should the government make your life easier of harder?  If you answer harder, you aren’t going to like this post.

Last spring, as businesses closed and our lives were turned upside down, consumer advocates and the insurance industry found themselves on the same side of an issue.  We needed an Open Enrollment.  With jobs, incomes, and medical concerns changing, Americans needed an opportunity to reevaluate their health insurance options.  The previous administration refused to help.

The Biden administration did not waste any time.  Last week, less than 10 days in, President Biden announced a three month Open Enrollment beginning February 15th.

  • Can you change policies within your current insurer? YES!
  • Can you change insurance companies? YES!
  • Can you apply / change your tax credit subsidy? YES!
  • Will preexisting conditions be covered? YES!
  • Will the Browns make it to the Super Bowl next year? Possibly!

Since we just had our Open Enrollment from November 1st to December 15th, I don’t think that we will see millions and millions of Americans take advantage of this opportunity, but it will help some people and it will hurt no one.  I know a half a dozen families that will benefit from this chance to make a change.  And, this action sends an important signal.  The government is now committed to making the purchase of health insurance, the way Americans access and pay for health care, easier.

Joe Biden has been the president for less than two weeks.  We will all like and vehemently dislike his decisions, his Executive Orders, and the legislation he chooses to champion.  That is normal.  But if his focus remains on helping Americans, we may see a net positive from his efforts.



Picture – Time For A Change – David L Cunix

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