Right or Privilege

September 2012

Welcome. Welcome. Please take a seat. My name is Bill Shnorer. Thank you again for attending this pre-rally briefing. There is a sign-in sheet in the back next to the coffee and cookies.

We have plenty of signs thanks to our friends in the U.A.W. Guys, please raise your hands. Thank you U.A.W. The signs say “It is a RIGHT not a PRIVILEGE, Equal Access For All, and Our Tax Dollars Built This System”. We will make sure that each of you gets a sign as you leave this room.

Friends, we are here because we care. We are here because we have been victimized by the current system. We have seen our loved ones lose jobs and go bankrupt. We have seen factories close and jobs go overseas.

And yet, does Washington care? Is Washington listening? Our concerns have been brushed aside by the industry shills and the talking heads on TV. It is time for action. It is time for you and I and our neighbors to have the same options as our Congressmen and Senators.

There are some who would say that what we are discussing is Socialism. But I am reminded of that great American, Senator Edward Kennedy, who fought tirelessly to better the lives of all Americans. He understood that the corporate CEO is no greater than the single mother in the eyes of liberty. He understood that in a democracy, we are all equal, all are free, and all are entitled to respect.

Yes, if Teddy Kennedy was alive and here, I am sure he would tell you that all Americans have a right to high quality, affordable Transportation.

It is an outrage that even today, in this country, there are still Americans without cars. Cars take Americans to work. Cars take Americans to the doctor for needed health care. Cars take Americans to the grocery store to buy food for their children. Here we are in the richest country in the world, and yet millions of us do not have access to adequate Transportation.

How can this be? Who has forced their way in between you and your auto manufacturer of choice? Who is denying you unfettered access? We look no further than the A.D.A., the Automobile Dealers Association.

Thousands of small towns across this great nation are held hostage by one or maybe two dealers who control the market. Even here in Beachwood, Ohio, you might want to buy a Ford, but we only have a Cadillac dealership.

Some of our opponents have pointed to public transportation as a reasonable alternative. Have they been on a bus? Have they waited in the rain for the Rapid? Would our Senators ride the RTA? We want no more, and no less, than what our representatives are given in Washington. And I’m told that they have great Transportation.

We built the roads, the freeways, and the turnpikes. Our tax dollars funded the very avenues we have been prevented from enjoying.

We need CARS. And we need them NOW.

This will not cost money. It will save money. Providing automobiles to every American eliminates the need for public transportation, an incredible waste of taxpayer money. We will also save the millions of dollars blown on Dealer salaries and perks. Our friends on the West Coast dream of a day when there won’t be anymore Cal Worthington ads on TV.

But this is not a money issue. This is a moral imperative. We will prevail. Americans value our rights. We value our families. And most of all, we Americans value our CARS. When we see our neighbor without a car, we know that there, but for the grace of G-d,walks us.

Grab a sign. The camera crew from Channel 8 is already outside.



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One Response to Right or Privilege

  1. readanygoodbooks says:

    Hi Dave:

    I just found out about your blog through the Wiki that Jack Ricchiuto started. I think it's great that somebody is doing a health care blog like this, especially somebody so close to the issues. I agree that people who can afford to pay a little more should be happy to do so, so that a safety net can exist for those who can't. The way the world is going, the person who can afford insurance today, may very well be the person who can't afford it tomorrow. What goes around comes around. I hope to meet you at a blogger meeting sometime. This topic fascinates me.

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