The Two Minute Drill

OK, Dave. What do you think is going to happen with health care?
Have you read my blog?
When I get a chance, probably not for the last couple of weeks. Just give me the two minute version.

The two minute version? Health Care. Life and Death. 15% – 20% of our economy. And he wants this condensed to two minutes so that he can move on to more important things like Shaquille O’Neal’s debut in a Cav’s uniform.

Details. There are no details in the two minute version. But then again, there have been almost no details in the barrage of commercials (for or against anything), speeches, or news programs. We’ve got hype. We’ve got fear-mongering. We’ve got lobbyists. But details? Who has time for details?

There is a great commercial on television that stresses that the PLAN:
* Let’s you choose your own doctor
* Won’t penalize you for any preexisting conditions
* Keeps bureaucrats out of your health care
* Incorporates the best ideas from Democrats and Republicans
“That’s reform we can all feel good about.”

Sign me up!

Of course, this plan doesn’t exist. Senator Baucus recently unveiled his version of health care reform. Over 500 amendments have been offered so far. Let’s pretend that two thirds of those amendments are nothing more than intentional roadblocks, that still leaves over 150 substantive changes. How many of these will be adopted and how will they affect the final legislation? What you like about the bill today, may disappear tomorrow. Or vice-versa.

Details. Ask a dentist how the proposals pay for dental care. Obviously the dental community needs better lobbyists. Even Medicare Advantage policies only cover routine exams and cleanings. Medicare doesn’t cover fillings, crowns, or major services now. Will the so-called public option provide this in the future? Who knows?

These same questions apply to care for mental, nervous, and emotional disorders, eye care, or even chronic conditions. Turn on the television and you’ve got Former Governor, Former DNC Chair Howard Dean begging for a public option. What would the public option cover? Don’t ask him for details. That’s not his job.

So I have an answer for the next person who wants the quick answer for What’s going to happen? I am going to quote that famous philosopher, L.O. Annie who said, “The sun will come up tomorrow.”


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