Trump Draws A Lucky Ten

The Supreme Court gave the Trump administration a gift this week.  The Court ordered oral arguments for the Trump-backed Texas Lawsuit to begin on November 10, 2020, one week AFTER the election.  This allows Donald Trump to claim to be in favor of protecting Americans’ access to health insurance, even if they have preexisting conditions, while actively working to overturn the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, the law that currently makes this possible.  20 million Americans losing their health insurance during a pandemic would also appear to be of no concern to this administration.  That, too, may get missed by the lack of TV coverage prior to the Supreme Court hearing.

We would like to think that the Supreme Court will once again rule in favor of Obamacare.  Health care accounts for approximately 20% of our economy.  And health insurance is the way that most Americans access and pay for their health care.  But the Texas lawsuit could throw our entire system into disarray.  There are no guarantees that this Supreme Court will protect us this time.

So your assignment for today is to call, write, or email your Congressional representatives, House and Senate, and ask each of them what they are going to do if the Trump administration is successful and the Texas lawsuit wins.  Demand an answer.  Remember, your Republican representatives have voted dozens of times to repeal the law.  What would they do if the PPACA were to be declared unconstitutional?  It is what they allegedly wanted.  I’ve asked that question. I’ve never received an answer.  And for your Democratic representatives, ask them what they would do differently this time.

There will be no place to hide if millions of Americans suddenly lose their coverage.  Our country will need real leadership.  We will need the men and women of Congress to draft real legislation to solve this problem.  It can’t be done by edict.

The Supreme Court won’t hear this case until November 10th.  The court of public opinion may rule a week earlier.


Picture – The Ten Of Trumps – David L Cunix


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