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A recent study led by Stacie Dusetzina, PhD, published in Health Affairs, found that Medicare Part D (Rx) plans encouraged the use of generic medications over the name brand drug.  The senior citizen pays significantly less for the generic equivalent.  And the best deals are available on the most commonly prescribed generics, often referred to as Tier 1 or Preferred Generics.  Medicare Part D policies incentivize, damn near beg, seniors to use the mail delivery option.  Many policies not only forego the deductible on Tier 1 medications, they will even send a 90 day supply directly to your home at no cost.  It is hard to turn down free.  A lot of my clients take advantage of this benefit.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is very proud of their ability to serve our veterans’ pharmaceutical needs.  The link to their site notes that in 2016 the V.A. processed 470,000 prescriptions daily.  It is impressive that 330,000 veterans received a package of prescriptions in the mail EVERY SINGLE WORK DAY.  That was four years ago.  Mailing medications saves the V.A. money, saves our veterans money, and it is convenient.

The elderly and disabled may not have easy access to a drugstore or V.A. facility.  The mailbox is only steps away.

We depend on our mail system for the delivery of medications, letters, packages, and yes, for ballots.  Anything or anyone who slows the delivery of the mail will negatively impact all of these needed services.



Picture – A Different Medical Device – David L Cunix

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  1. Shari says:

    If you are referencing the mail boxes being eliminated, a friend who works at the post office has stated that the boxes they are eliminating are seldom used – as in 2 or 3 letters only a day in them, or rusted. She said it is not a new practice. When the post office is trying to save money, to have to use gas and travel time to a box that MAY have 2 letters in it is a waste of their time. There is also a great letter online from an Akron Manager regarding this and explaining it in full detail. The argument that this is being used to stop people from voting or delay mail time is in fact false.

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